Frequently asked Questions

  1. I've never waxed my car but I'd like to how do I get started?
    * Refer to "Car Care Tips".

  2. What do I need to begin waxing?
    * ButterSlick Car Glaze, Waxing Pad, Buffing Towel

  3. I'm a lady, that likes a clean car, how do I maintain between waxings?
    *Wash car as needed.

  4. Should I be concerned with weather conditions when waxing
    *Do not wax car in direct sunlight, nor if the car is warm to the touch.

  5. How often should I wax my car?
    *Twice a year, dictated by weather. (Spring/Fall)

  6. How often should I use Shark Oil Tire Dressing?
    *As needed Shark Oil Tire Dressing has a 4 week shine

  7. Is the Shark Oil Tire Dressing suitable for my rims and dashboard?
    * No, Shark Oil Tire Dressing is for external use only.

  8. My car has a stale odor from the air conditioner.
    * Use Ballaz Car Cologne as needed.

  9. Can I use Shark Oil Tire Dressing every time I wash my car?


Customer Testimonials

"I been using Butterslick for about a year and all I can say is that its amazing!!! I won't wash a car without this as it finishes the car off perfectly"

- J Gutierrez, Chicago

"Once it dries, it leaves a beautiful reflective shine just like it promises."

- D Dub, Detroit Read all reviews Submit your Experience