We've got you covered. If you're looking to add shine - extra shine - to your paint and tires, we've got the product for you. We are committed to offering you the type of long lasting beauty and protection that will get people staring. Explore our complete product line up for all your car care needs!

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custom shine car glaze

Custom Shine Car Glaze

You wont get any better without the Butter!

Apply a small amount of product directly to the painted surface. Once dry, use a polishing pad or a buffer. Remove residue with a clean soft cloth.

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Shark Oil Tire Shine

shark oil tire shine

Water resistant, non-greasy and satin gloss

A blue, solvent-based polymer dressing for vinyl and rubber surfaces.

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Ballaz Car Cologne

ballaz car cologne

Unique Scents

Get the ultimate Ballaz Car Cologne which will have your car smelling like a million bucks!

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Customer Testimonials

"I been using Butterslick for about a year and all I can say is that its amazing!!! I won't wash a car without this as it finishes the car off perfectly"

- J Gutierrez, Chicago

"Once it dries, it leaves a beautiful reflective shine just like it promises."

- D Dub, Detroit Read all reviews Submit your Experience